Creative Small Business Ideas (Requirements)


Hello Friends, in Today’s Article, we will be presenting 10 Creative & Profitable Small Business Ideas, and construction field creative idea which you can consider starting tomorrow to make money. 
      These ideas are related to a wide range of opportunities.
Creative Small Business Ideas. We are giving practical Business ideas about creative small business ideas. Such as What are the essential requirements?
Creative Business Ideas


1) App For Booking Of Tractors And Agricultural Machinery –

Wherein, the farmers can register their available machinery on the App, and then, can rent it out, whenever required.
   – Thus, whenever they are not using their tractors on their own land, and some other farmer needs them, then also, they would be earning some rental income from their agricultural machinery. 


Requirements:- (Creative Small Business Ideas)

1. Proper Knowledge of APP Development, Design Software, and Website Designing. 
2. Good Support Staff as well as adequate Finance.

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2) Gps Based App For Tracking Vehicles

Wherein, the location of the vehicles can easily be displayed on the mobile phone/tablet of the customers. 
   – This can be of immense benefit for the Transportation companies, for tracking the delivery vehicles.



1. Proper Knowledge of APP Development, Design Software, and Website Designing. 
2. Good Support Staff adequate Finance based project size.

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3. Selling Drones. (Creative Business Ideas)

The Market for Drone is Increasing Rapidly.
 They can be used for:- 
1. Taking Aerial Photography
2.  Delivering Packages Farmers can check their crops
3. One can also take his own selfies (without a selfie stick)

4) Theme Based Restaurants 

They provide a unique experience for the visitor, and thus, customers would like to come again and again, to relive the experience.

Examples can be:-

Forest Themed Restaurants
 – Cruise Ship Themed Restaurants 
– Aeroplane Themed Restaurants And a whole lot more. It depends upon your imagination


Requirements:- (Creative Small Business Ideas)

1 Good Location, preferably in a Busy Shopping Mall / Busy Market.
2. Good Interior and Exterior designing, complementing the overall these salespeople Food, (Obviously.)
4.  Adequate Financial Investment is required, based upon the Project size.

5) Innovative & Healthy Meals Delivery Services      (Creative small business ideas)

       Which Focuses on delivering Meals, which cater to specific requirements, like, 
– High Protein Lunch 
– Low Fat Dinner Customised Meals for customers – Organic Food – etc.


6) Designing & Selling Decorative Scented Candles.

      Nowadays, people like to decorate their houses with candles, for various occasions/festivals. So, making creative designs for candles can become a unique selling point for your business.


1. Adequate space & finance for manufacturing depending upon the size of the project
 2. Good Creative skills
Or you can hire a good team of full time/part-time designers.

7) Designing and Selling Gift Items & Greeting Cards etc. 

You can Design Customised Gift Items, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Envelopes, etc.
which you can then sell to Stores / Gift shops / You can sell them Online.


 Interest in designing and Good Creative Skills
 1. Investment of Time
 2. Marketing Efforts /need to have People who can do sales to stores/ Gift Shop.

8) Designing and Selling Clothes.(Creative small business ideas)

You can Learn the Skills from a good Institute and then start designing your own clothes, which you can then sell to existing boutiques / you can start your own boutique / Sell them Online. 


Interest in designing and good Creative Skills Adequate Finance for manufacturing your clothing line 
1. Good Tailoring Staff 
2. Good Marketing people who can do states to stores/boutique owners.

9) Create and Sell Animated Educational Video Content Online.

 Demand for Video content is increasing. So, if you can create good Animated Educational content, then you have the opportunity to make good money from your efforts. 


1. Good Knowledge about the Topics, for which you are making the course 
2. Good Presentation skills, as well as you, need to regularly update the course.
    Upload Videos on YouTube – Sell the Course through your own website, through a Subscription-based model. Payments can be One Time / Monthly / Quarterly / Annual plans.

10) Online Bookkeeping. (creative small business ideas)

      It is a profitable business idea for Freelance accountants/bookkeepers. 
They can work from their home, with multiple companies And thus, by working online. 
– They can reduce their daily travelling time 
– And they can set their own working hours.
– They can work with Multiple Clients. So, they have a good opportunity to increase their income


1. Expert Knowledge about Accounts 
2.  In order to work with Multiple Clients, 
3. Good Planning & Time Management is required. 4. Good Support Staff. 
5. Good Contacts in your field. 

Construction Related Business Creative small business ideas


1) Manufacturing and Supply of Construction related Materials Equipment / Tools / Hardware Items.
One can sell in the Domestic market, OR For exports, to Importers / Wholesalers in other countries.



1 Initial Capital investment is required, based upon the products and the project size.


Further Requirements:

1. Good Production team to manufacture Quality products 
2. Good marketing team to sell the materials

2) Giving Construction Materials / Equipment on Rent 

     In addition to Selling the Materials directly,               One can also give Material on Rent, to Contractors Companies for their ongoing construction projects. Thus, it becomes a good source of regular income.



1. Adequate Warehousing Space 
2. Good Contacts.
3. Good Staff

3) Dealer for Construction Materials / Equipment / Hardware  (creative small business ideas)

Retail Showroom good location 
1. Adequate Warehousing Space 
2. Good Contacts in your Industry 
3. Good Sales People salespeople 

4) Manufacturing of Related Items like – PVC Pipes etc. (Creative small business ideas)

1. Initial Capital investment is required, based upon the products and the project size 
2. Good Production team to manufacture Quality products 
3. Good marketing team to sell the materials

5) Starting your Own Construction Company

– Building Houses and then selling them for a profit 



1. Initial Capital investment is required, based upon the project size 
2. Investment of Time
3. Good Knowledge of Construction Indus

6) Property Development Business

    Purchasing a Property, Developing it, and then selling it for a profit.
  – OR, Helping Landlords Manage their Rental Properties, for a fixed Fees. 



1. Initial Capital investment is required, based upon the project size
2. Investment of Time 
3. Good Knowledge of the Construction Industry.


     Friends always keep saying to yourself I can do it and always remain positive. And don’t forget to comment and share your family.

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